Suits TV Series Review

Men- with both killer looks and insane machine brains- are a perfect combination. They are also the reason behind the success of Suits. Harvey Specter & Mike Ross make it what it is; I can’t imagine the show without neither of them, and I’m pretty certain that it would be the same case with others that enjoy TV, in general. Not only these two maintain the rapport of suits, but also Harvard amongst other things. Recently I came across the show’s rating: 9.9 for the last episode at IDMB. This is higher than most US Shows!

Suits grabbed my attention initially through the brilliance of Mike Ross, who was just a college-dropout that made it to the office of Harvard’s one and only: Harvey specter, known to be the best attorney in the town. Through just meeting once, they both come together as the result of a drug-deal-turned-onto-interview type of scenario.

Suits 'Donna and the Button' Sarah Rafferty

Suits’ ‘Donna and the Button’ played by Sarah Rafferty

Let’s not forget about Donna! Even girls are drooling over her character. The classy looks, exquisite formals and the mind blowing wittiness, no wonder even Harvey is in her fan list (well that’s controversial.) I am just waiting for the day when Harvey admits his liking towards her, as boldly as she did. And how can I not mention her biggest fan-Louis Lit. I find him cute and funny, the empathies, the traditions and the emotions with the bouncing backs makes the gem of a character, little does he know that Donna is just a treat for a little time, oh! poor Louis (My sympathies.) Moreover, Jessica Pearson is also a great woman, really an inspiration, how she runs the firm is quite intriguing. She is definitely the savior of ‘Pearson Specter Ltd’.

Now, the love birds of the show: none other than Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, their chemistry just rocks everyone’s pants off. Rachel, who is the hottest young lady at the firm matches up perfectly with Mike. Thank god he proposed to her at the proper time, or without a doubt Harold Gunderson could have stolen the show, if you know what I mean.  All the wedding hype in this season is so exciting, thanks to Donna, my love. I just wish Mike’s’ Grandma was there too.  Mr. Zane is a careful father, but I wonder why Rachel refused for Mike to sign the prenup, I hope she is not making a mistake.

Harvey Macht as 'Harvey Spencer' in 'Suits'

Harvey Macht as ‘Harvey Spencer’ in ‘Suits’

The season five finale left everyone on the edge of their seats. Finally, when Mike decided to do the right thing by quitting his job, cops are there to arrest him! What!? Still shocked and wondering what will happen now? I just hope it’s a dream, fingers crossed. You can watch all the previous and current episodes with a subscription to Charter Internet. Start now.


The Essential Tips For Visiting Times Square


Times Square in New York City is arguably the city’s most popular tourist destination; Times Square is centrally located in the entertainment district and includes many different sites, sounds and attractions for locals and visitors alike. But because Times Square is so popular, it can often be crowded and difficult to navigate. If you are preparing to visit Times Square anytime soon, consider the following essential tips for making the most out of your Times Square visit.

Tip: Consider getting discount theater tickets

Theater is one of New York City’s biggest attractions, but attending shows on Broadway can be expensive, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. However, you can often save big bucks—we’re talking hundreds of dollars—if you consider the options for discount theater tickets. Most major Broadway shows have alternative means of getting tickets that save you big money; these means are usually a ticket lottery and a ticket rush.


A ticket lottery involves showing up at the theater during the designated lottery time to put your name in a big drum—each show will have a certain number of extra tickets allotted for the lottery, and the lucky people whose names are pulled get to purchase tickets at a vastly discounted price.  A rush ticket is purchased on the same day of the performance; most theaters release a certain amount of discounted rush tickets each day.

Tip: Don’t stop on the sidewalk!

times square advertising

Times Square is incredibly busy, and incredibly crowded. It’s important to keep the flow of traffic going as uninterrupted as possible—that means no sudden stopping on the sidewalk, whether it’s because you see something interesting, took a wrong turn, or want to take a picture. Instead of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, walk as close as you can to the front of a building and stop there.

Tip: Consider leaving the Square for shopping

Unless you specifically want to visit the large and expensive stores that populate Times Square, consider stepping off the Square to do your gift shopping. You can also find more inexpensive restaurants if you leave the bustle of the Square.


Tip: Think outside the theater

There’s so much more to do in the Square than see Broadway shows! The Square is home to various shops, including a large Toys R’ Us, as well as museums—including the family friendly Madame Tussaud Wax Museum and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium. If you live in New York City, or plan on moving there, check out the other great entertainment opportunities in NYC.

aladdin on broadway

Everything You Need to Know About Milo from ‘The Mask’


The Mask is one of Jim Carrey’s most popular comedy films, and was one of the most popular wacky comedy films from the 90s. One of the main characters from the film, and subsequent sequels and spin-offs, is that of Milo the dog. Milo is the pet companion of Jim Carrey’s character, Stanley Ipkiss, and has appeared in almost every ‘Mask’ film and spin-off. Whether you’re a longtime favorite of the film or are reading up on famous movie dogs, the following is everything you need to know about Milo from The Mask.

The dog actor led to a lot of ad-libbing

Max, the dog actor who played Milo the dog, had never acted in a film before and his occasional inability to do exactly what was asked led to several moments of ad-libbing in the film. Scenes which made the final cut included a scene where Milo would not let go of the frisbee while Stanley Ipkiss tried to hide the stolen money in his closet; in the scripted scene, Milo was supposed to let go of the Frisbee.

Milo is a Jack Russell Terrier—but it wasn’t always going to be that way

Some of the original concepts and early drafts for The Mask described Milo as being a much larger dog (one script described Milo as a golden retriever). However, the film’s creative team decided that Stanley Ipkiss would probably be the type of person to have a smaller, almost wiry dog and the decision was made to redesign the character as a Jack Russell Terrier.

milo pissing
Milo was voiced by Frank Welker in the cartoon

After the success of the film, an animated series titled The Mask: The Animated Series was released. Milo the dog appears frequently in the TV show. His voice was provided by Frank Welker, who has voiced many other dog characters, including Scooby-Doo, Droopy the Dog, Santa’s Little Helper; he has also voiced non-dog animals, such as Abu in Aladdin and Garfield the cat in several Garfield cartoons.

There is a sly reference to Milo in The Son of the Mask

The Son of the Mask featured all new characters, but just like the original film, the main character had a pet dog. In the sequel film, the dog is called “Otis”—a sly reference to the first film’s Milo, via a nod to the popular film Milo and Otis.