Benefits of DISH Network Satellite TV

Great variety at great prices is a dream combination that satellite TV customers always crave for. By taking this into consideration, DISH offers numerous deals and offers which has made it a favorite satellite TV with consumers. From the latest technology to great customer care service, there are a lot of reasons for choosing DISH Network Satellite TV. Here are a few of them.

The Huge Selection

Dish cares

The high value Satellite TV packages from DISH Network, will satiate even the biggest of television fans. With more than 190 channels in the highly affordable basic package, there is no reason even to look at other services in the market. There is just no comparison. Then there is America’s Top 200, which offers an additional 85 channels in HD quality. On a little higher price range is the America’s Top 250. This is a dream package as it comes loaded with more than 250 channels of great television programming on offer. It is simply perfect. The vast variety and quality on offer from DISH is unbeatable.

Special Interests

There are people who like one kind of entertainment more than others and these special packages cater to such people. Instead of paying for channels that they are never going to watch, customers can also order special packages. For example, DISH Satellite TV offers an awesome selection of sports packages. They cover any and every sport imaginable. Not only this, there is also an option to pay-per-view, where customers can watch live matches of their choice, be it baseball, soccer, wrestling, or anything else.

The Best DVR

Dish supports 80 non-profits

Dish supports 80 non-profits

Hopper is already a crowd favorite. It is one of the best DVRs in the entertainment industry. With 2TB of storage on offer, customers can save every TV program they do not want to miss, without bothering about deleting previously recorded shows to make some space. It also allows the customer to stream music from Pandora and SiriusXM. No wonder Hopper has won many consumer electronic award shows too. Other than Hopper, DISH also offers another amazing product called Super Joey. This tool can save up to 8 channels in one go. This means that now the entire family can store their favorite shows and no one has to make any compromises. There is Wireless Joey on offer too, which makes even the installation of the super DVR a completely hassle-free experience. There is no unseemly wires or any holes required in the wall.

Television Anywhere, Anytime

DISH Anywhere App is a great feature that only DISH TV customers get to enjoy. With DISH Anywhere app, people can access all of their television entertainment from their Android or iOS mobile device. People can also access all the shows they have stored on their DVR as well. This provides great flexibility and convenience for people who work at odd hours. They do not have to miss any of their favorite shows anymore. They just have to log into DISH Anywhere app, and watch all the shows while waiting for the flights or during their daily office commute.

The Essential Tips For Visiting Times Square


Times Square in New York City is arguably the city’s most popular tourist destination; Times Square is centrally located in the entertainment district and includes many different sites, sounds and attractions for locals and visitors alike. But because Times Square is so popular, it can often be crowded and difficult to navigate. If you are preparing to visit Times Square anytime soon, consider the following essential tips for making the most out of your Times Square visit.

Tip: Consider getting discount theater tickets

Theater is one of New York City’s biggest attractions, but attending shows on Broadway can be expensive, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. However, you can often save big bucks—we’re talking hundreds of dollars—if you consider the options for discount theater tickets. Most major Broadway shows have alternative means of getting tickets that save you big money; these means are usually a ticket lottery and a ticket rush.


A ticket lottery involves showing up at the theater during the designated lottery time to put your name in a big drum—each show will have a certain number of extra tickets allotted for the lottery, and the lucky people whose names are pulled get to purchase tickets at a vastly discounted price.  A rush ticket is purchased on the same day of the performance; most theaters release a certain amount of discounted rush tickets each day.

Tip: Don’t stop on the sidewalk!

times square advertising

Times Square is incredibly busy, and incredibly crowded. It’s important to keep the flow of traffic going as uninterrupted as possible—that means no sudden stopping on the sidewalk, whether it’s because you see something interesting, took a wrong turn, or want to take a picture. Instead of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, walk as close as you can to the front of a building and stop there.

Tip: Consider leaving the Square for shopping

Unless you specifically want to visit the large and expensive stores that populate Times Square, consider stepping off the Square to do your gift shopping. You can also find more inexpensive restaurants if you leave the bustle of the Square.


Tip: Think outside the theater

There’s so much more to do in the Square than see Broadway shows! The Square is home to various shops, including a large Toys R’ Us, as well as museums—including the family friendly Madame Tussaud Wax Museum and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium. If you live in New York City, or plan on moving there, check out the other great entertainment opportunities in NYC.

aladdin on broadway

5 Surprising Facts about Liam Neeson’s Schindler’s List


Liam Neeson’s role in Schindler’s List is often considered Neeson’s finest due to his complex, charismatic and ultimately moving portrayal of Oskar Schindler. How much do you know about the film and Neeson’s role? Let’s take a look at 5 surprising facts Neeson’s role and the film Schindler’s List. Spielberg did not accept a salary for the film Although Spielberg insisted that his actors receive their own wages, the director refused to be paid for his work on the film. Spielberg was quoted as saying that he would consider it “blood money” to be paid for producing what he considered a necessary work. Spielberg instead insisted that any wages and future royalties be given to the Shoah Foundation as a donation; the director also refuses to sign any material related to the movie.


Spielberg based the liquidation scene on real-life testimony One of the film’s most iconic sequences, in which Neeson’s character watches as the Krakow ghetto is brutally “liquidated” was originally just a short page of action in the script. Spielberg, however, extended the scene into 20 pages (and about 20 minutes) by basing the sequence on the testimony of those who survived. Neeson didn’t think he would get the role Liam Neeson originally auditioned for the role of Schindler several months before the casting was announced. Neeson didn’t think he would get the part, and decided to accept a role in the Broadway revival of Anna Christie instead. After one show, Steven Spielberg and his wife dropped by Neeson’s dressing room; one week later, Spielberg called Neeson and offered him the part. Oskar Schindler was not arrested for kissing a Jewish girl In the film, Schindler is arrested for kissing a Jewish girl at his birthday party. However, in reality, Schindler was not arrested for this incident; he was arrested, on the other hand, for being involved in various black markets. Itzhak Stern was not the ‘sole’ Schindler accountant In the film, Itzhak Stern is depicted as Schindler’s sole Jewish accountant who helps him put together “the list.” In reality, however, Schindler had multiple accountants (mostly Jewish) who worked together on the list; many survivors note that the accountant who did most of the work was not considered scrupulous, and would often accept bribes in order to place people on the list, which would often cause other names to be removed. Keep up with Liam Neeson here.

Liam on jimmy kimmel live

Liam on Jimmy Kimmel live

The Many Lives of the Twilight Zone

twilightzoneWhen most people think of The Twilight Zone  their mind goes right to that iconic image of Rod Serling, offering up his twilight-themed pearls of wisdom in a black and white tinted showcase… There have actually been multiple “revivals” of the show, all of which attempted to capture something of the original while offering up their own unique offerings to viewers. How do each of these The Twilight Zone series compare? Let’s find out!

The Twilight Zone (1959 – 1964)

the twilight zone special features

The original series was created at a time when many subjects were considered to be off-limits for television–especially for anything considered to be serious, such as primetime dramas. But The Twilight Zone, which was more or less dismissed as science-fiction/fantasy, tackled numerous taboo and controversial subjects, such as mass hysteria, nuclear war, an increasing reliance on technology—just to name a few.

The Twilight Zone (1985-1987)twilightzone2

The first Twilight Zone revival (produced by CBS) relied heavily on adapting existing short stories which lay in the realm of “typical” science-fiction rather than stories with frequent contemporary parallels. In addition to these new scripts, several episodes of the new series were direct remakes of previous Twilight Zone episodes, like Shadow Play and Night of the Meek.

The show’s first season featured episodes which were separated into two 12-15 minute stories which were aired back to back as whole episodes. The show’s second season extended the episode time to an hour, while the third season went back to a half-hour format.

Most episodes were received with a lukewarm reception, but some stand-outs (such as “Dream Me a Life”) did receive critical acclaim.

Ttwilightzone3he Twilight Zone (2002-2003)

This second revival was produced by in 2002 but was cancel after one season due to low ratings. The second modern revival, like the original series, focused much more on contemporary issues such as racism, terrorism, female sexuality, and even more abstract concepts like greed and technology-reliance. There were also a handful of remade versions of original Twilight Zone episodes, such as an update to “The Monsters Are on Maple Street,” which replaces the “alien hysteria” with “terrorist” hysteria.

Some noteworthy episodes include It’s Still a Good Life, a sequel to the original It’s a Good Life; One Night at Mercy, an introspective episode starring Death himself; and Sanctuary, a modern “Adam and Eve” parallel that leaves viewers wondering: “What if?”  Check out these other awesome options for home entertainment right now.


The A-Team

If there was ever a show that followed a formula until it wore it down into infinity, it was The A-Team.  I liked the show for a long time but once you sit down and watch episode after episode, it’s like, really?  This is happening again?  We did this last episode.  Yeah, it’s fun and all but can we grow a little bit, can we become a little wiser or different or more mature?


I suppose a show like The A-Team, where a former crack commando team wrongly accused of a crime go on the run and help people in need, appeals to the stupid young man in all of us.  This is not a show that appeals to women.  Not at all.  You’ve got four men, all former military, working together to fight crime and save the innocent, all the while shooting up anything that moves and winking at hot girls, many of which just happen to be the victims they are saving.

mr t fool!

mr t fool!

Yeah, a lot of macho guy stuff going on here.  Which is great for a while.  I love seeing Murdoch, the crazy tech guy, arguing with B.A. Baracus, played with reckless energy by Mr. T, who is the team’s mechanic and muscle.  Faceman was the guy that could go undercover, swindle the ladies into anything, and also drive a pretty wicked corvette.

They were led by Colonel Hannibal Smith, played by the character actor George Peppard.  They all worked well together and had strange character traits.  Murdock was crazy and lived in a military insane asylum and much of the early plots revolved around the rest of the guys busting him out so they go do their thing.  And B. A. was deathly afraid of flying.a-team-murdock

But you can only do this so much.  Each episode begins to get repetitive after forty or so missions.  It was a one trick pony.  You know they are going bust Murdock out, B. A. will refused to get on the plane but they drug him, they will build something to defeat the bad guys, usually having to do with their van, etc.  It’s fun for while at least.

the a team tv spot

AT&T U-Verse Options

A brand new service comes straight from the manufacturer.  With all the craziness of today’s world and the responsibilities we all face in our personal and professional lives, wouldn’t it be nice to have one thing that simplifies our lives?  And wouldn’t it be great if we could have it all in one place?

Now you can.  AT&T U-Verse opens up a whole new world and along with the new TV Multi-View feature and the U-Verse Total Home DVR, you can have it all simple and easy as you need, all packed together from one provider.  It has never been faster or cheaper to get going with all the great features that AT&T U-Verse can give you and your family. Find details about AT&T U-verse TV at

There is so much that you can enjoy on it is simply staggering.  You can listen to music, watch your favorite TV shows, music videos, sports and many more entertainment options for you to experience.  Believe it or not but there are over 300,000 different television programs available to watch, plus you can catch the latest live show from such venerable channels like CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, HLN and many more.  Not only that but do not forget about the premium channels like HBO, Showtime, STARZ and whatever you can think of.

You will be able to bookmark and manage your viewings, save and record for later, whenever you want, and check out your AT&T account for any changes necessary.  Check with your local provider and make sure these services are included with your area’s coverage.  You must have your DVR turned on to access the remote Web to work. Get more info at

Country music fans now have an additional way to enjoy their favorite performers in a whole new way.  Country Deep is a great new way to enjoy your favorite music, anywhere you want.  Country and Western music prides itself on telling great stories, playing good music and giving the fans all they want and then some.  Each week you can tune in more of what you want, as the content is updated often.

Unique access to behind the scenes concert content is right there for your viewing and listening pleasure, and this app can get you right back there with your favorite stars of Country.  Make sure to keep updating your playlists to stay current and keep your music fresh in your ears.  It is easy and simple to use.

A great way to interact with friends and family is through Facebook and now with an additional app you can do so with Facebook On TV.  You will be able to follow multiple Facebook accounts at the same time, all without leaving your favorite shows.  Multitasking has never been easier!

house hunters stream on u-verse

house hunters stream on u-verse

Speaking of multitasking, ever want to watch more than one show at a time?  Why not?  With AT&T U-Verse TV Multiview you can watch four different shows at once.  All on one screen, this unique features lets you follow along with four different shows at one time.  There is a pre-set option, letting you decide which genre or type of show you want, or an option that lets you pick and chose what moves you on any particular day.

With the PiP (picture in picture) mode you can choose a couple, scroll through more, and add to what you are already watching.  With the DVR recording all you watch when you watch it, you will have the chance to pause live TV and watch it later, in case you get too wrapped up in another program.

AT&T U-Verse Total Home DVR is an incredible piece of technology.  With only one DVR per household, you can enjoy TV programming anywhere in your house.  Record up to four separate shows at once and then play on any television set you wish, in any room.  You can store hundreds of hours on one DVR.  All your entertainment needs can be fulfilled in one place.

Dish Network Deals Solve A Lot Of Problems

DIsh-show Have you ever been frustrated with your cable TV provider’s service, amount of channels or quality? Did you sign the contract for six months, only to regret it three weeks in? Maybe your service was so slow that you couldn’t even enjoy the programming. Or maybe your bill was ridiculously high, stretching your budget to its limit.

Regardless, you’re looking for something better. You’re tired of the same old problems and the same old channels. You’re especially tired of paying your hard-earned income towards satellite programming that isn’t even what you thought it would be.

It sounds like you’re a perfect fit for Dish Network. Dish Network offers you all of the services, all of the quality and all of the best programming for less than the competitors. Dish Network allows you to pay for what you actually want without the stressful hassle of poor service, high bills and endless problems. With tailored package deals built to fit your personal needs and desires, plus to suit your budget, Dish Network could be the answer to all of your satellite dish service

But that’s not all that Dish Network offers. Do you enjoy movies? HBO? Blockbuster? Dish Network offers you the Blockbuster @Home Movie Feature, allowing you all the pleasure of movie night in your own home. Pssst – it’s free for the first three months! Can you beat that? Check out the great Dish Network Package deals at

Perhaps you would like more international programming. No problem! Dish Network offers you international programming for English, Chinese and Latino programs. In fact, Dish Network offers more international programming than any other satellite or cable provider.

Another feature that is offered through Dish Network is the Hopper, a device that allows you to record and store programs, shows and movies – up to 500 hours of them! No longer do you need to settle for missing that favorite program or movie because you just didn’t have time in your schedule. With the Hopper, you’re free to keep up with your schedule and watch your favorite programming at your leisure. Find details right here at

Maybe you’ve hesitated to get satellite dish TV because you have kids, and you worry about the programming that they’ll see. Most parents simply don’t have the time to watch every program that their kids watch. Dish Network offers parental controls on all of their programming, which means that you have the ability to control what your kids see and don’t see. You can have peace of mind that they will only see what you allow.

dish my tech

Perhaps you enjoy watching your favorite programs or movies on the go. You’ve got a train to catch and several hours to use. Or maybe you have extra time at work with nothing to do. Either way, you enjoy watching your programming on your tablet, laptop or mobile device. No problem. Dish Network allows you to access all of your programming directly from whatever device you choose. It’s all of your favorite programs, wherever you happen to be, whenever you want them.

Whether you’re looking for better value, lower prices, better service or just a change in programming, look no further than Dish Network. Dish Network offers you up to six different packages tailored to your personal needs and desires, all under $50. So go ahead, stop wasting time and money on satellite dish programming that isn’t fitting your needs. Invest in a service that isn’t going to let you down: Dish Network!

dish network logo 2 year contract