5 Surprising Facts about Liam Neeson’s Schindler’s List


Liam Neeson’s role in Schindler’s List is often considered Neeson’s finest due to his complex, charismatic and ultimately moving portrayal of Oskar Schindler. How much do you know about the film and Neeson’s role? Let’s take a look at 5 surprising facts Neeson’s role and the film Schindler’s List. Spielberg did not accept a salary for the film Although Spielberg insisted that his actors receive their own wages, the director refused to be paid for his work on the film. Spielberg was quoted as saying that he would consider it “blood money” to be paid for producing what he considered a necessary work. Spielberg instead insisted that any wages and future royalties be given to the Shoah Foundation as a donation; the director also refuses to sign any material related to the movie.


Spielberg based the liquidation scene on real-life testimony One of the film’s most iconic sequences, in which Neeson’s character watches as the Krakow ghetto is brutally “liquidated” was originally just a short page of action in the script. Spielberg, however, extended the scene into 20 pages (and about 20 minutes) by basing the sequence on the testimony of those who survived. Neeson didn’t think he would get the role Liam Neeson originally auditioned for the role of Schindler several months before the casting was announced. Neeson didn’t think he would get the part, and decided to accept a role in the Broadway revival of Anna Christie instead. After one show, Steven Spielberg and his wife dropped by Neeson’s dressing room; one week later, Spielberg called Neeson and offered him the part. Oskar Schindler was not arrested for kissing a Jewish girl In the film, Schindler is arrested for kissing a Jewish girl at his birthday party. However, in reality, Schindler was not arrested for this incident; he was arrested, on the other hand, for being involved in various black markets. Itzhak Stern was not the ‘sole’ Schindler accountant In the film, Itzhak Stern is depicted as Schindler’s sole Jewish accountant who helps him put together “the list.” In reality, however, Schindler had multiple accountants (mostly Jewish) who worked together on the list; many survivors note that the accountant who did most of the work was not considered scrupulous, and would often accept bribes in order to place people on the list, which would often cause other names to be removed. Keep up with Liam Neeson here.

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