4 Reasons Why DIRECTV is the Best TV Service Provider

Satellite television is a relatively new technology. But, within its short period of existence, it has already made lifelong fans out of its millions of subscribers. DIRECTV, one of the only two satellite TV service providers in the country, has carved itself a strong market share in the industry. It has successfully managed to rise above the monopoly of cable TV providers, and stood its ground against its primary competitor, DISH.

As if that wasn’t enough, DIRECTV has continuously added hundreds of thousands of subscribers, despite stiff competition arising out of the on-demand streaming industry. When compared with the cable TV providers, who have been losing subscribers to streaming players for nearly a decade now, it is no small achievement. So, what makes DIRECTV such a rage? Why does its loyal subscriber base swear by the service? Here, we try to address these questions.

TV Channels, A Lot of Them!

DIRECTV opens up the door to an abundance of entertainment, unlike anything available with any other platform. Take for instance the channel lineup of DIRECTV. There are a massive 315+ channels in total available with DIRECTV. These channels are available for viewers’ entertainment in smartly packed plans, which are designed to suit the needs of every type of TV viewer.

Subscribers can easily pick and choose which packs they want to enjoy, anytime during their association with DIRECTV. In fact, DIRECTV makes it a point to offer the subscribers an opportunity to test the waters before they make the decision. Every new subscription with DIRECTV comes with 3-month of free access to premium networks like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ.

High Definition Digital Video Recorder

DIRECTV’s latest DVR, Genie is a class apart from anything that the industry has to offer. It is truly a next generation equipment that is designed to take your television viewing experience to a whole new level. You can install just one Genie in your home, and seamlessly connect it to every television in your house. You can use it to record TV programs in pure HD from any television in your home. The best part? You can watch the recorded programs on any of the televisions of your choice too.

That’s not all. You can record a number of programs using Genie, while simultaneously watching another program of your choice. There’s no stopping how you want to use Genie. Genie is so advanced that you don’t even have to program it to record your favorite programs. It is smart enough to analyze your viewing habits and automatically record programs that you are bound to enjoy. Isn’t that slick!
Clearly, Genie is an innovative product in the market, and comes full of possibilities. But, what makes Genie a must-have in your home is the fact that it is absolutely, completely free. That’s right, this awesome futuristic HD DVR costs you nothing. And no, not for any specific period. It is free for life. Who wouldn’t love that! The DVR is only chargeable if you install it in more than 4 rooms in your home.

High Definition Programming

Unlike cable, which was designed for standard definition programming, satellite television is made for high definition content. So, satellite TV can easily air programs at a superb 1080p resolution, which is what you get with Blu-Ray discs. Out of the 315 channels available with DIRECTV, 200 of them are available in pure HD for no additional cost to the subscribers.

HD programming is not just about high resolution. It is also about the quality of sound. With DIRECTV delivering you HD programs right to your home, you are in for a revolutionary television viewing experience, to which you will easily get used to. Once that happens, you will never settle for anything less.

Watch Television Anywhere

While the HD DVR, Genie, has made it possible for the TV viewers to enjoy their television programming whenever they want, DIRECTV’s Anytime, Anywhere feature takes it up a notch higher. This feature allows the users to enjoy their TV programming on their mobile devices. All they need is an internet connection, and they can enjoy their TV programming wherever they are.
This way, they can enjoy TV on the go. ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ is a great feature for people who have erratic schedules, jobs that require frequent travels, and so on. It is difficult for these people to stick to the timetable of various channels. With ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ feature, they take their television with them, wherever they go.