Suits TV Series Review

Men- with both killer looks and insane machine brains- are a perfect combination. They are also the reason behind the success of Suits. Harvey Specter & Mike Ross make it what it is; I can’t imagine the show without neither of them, and I’m pretty certain that it would be the same case with others that enjoy TV, in general. Not only these two maintain the rapport of suits, but also Harvard amongst other things. Recently I came across the show’s rating: 9.9 for the last episode at IDMB. This is higher than most US Shows!

Suits grabbed my attention initially through the brilliance of Mike Ross, who was just a college-dropout that made it to the office of Harvard’s one and only: Harvey specter, known to be the best attorney in the town. Through just meeting once, they both come together as the result of a drug-deal-turned-onto-interview type of scenario.

Suits 'Donna and the Button' Sarah Rafferty

Suits’ ‘Donna and the Button’ played by Sarah Rafferty

Let’s not forget about Donna! Even girls are drooling over her character. The classy looks, exquisite formals and the mind blowing wittiness, no wonder even Harvey is in her fan list (well that’s controversial.) I am just waiting for the day when Harvey admits his liking towards her, as boldly as she did. And how can I not mention her biggest fan-Louis Lit. I find him cute and funny, the empathies, the traditions and the emotions with the bouncing backs makes the gem of a character, little does he know that Donna is just a treat for a little time, oh! poor Louis (My sympathies.) Moreover, Jessica Pearson is also a great woman, really an inspiration, how she runs the firm is quite intriguing. She is definitely the savior of ‘Pearson Specter Ltd’.

Now, the love birds of the show: none other than Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, their chemistry just rocks everyone’s pants off. Rachel, who is the hottest young lady at the firm matches up perfectly with Mike. Thank god he proposed to her at the proper time, or without a doubt Harold Gunderson could have stolen the show, if you know what I mean.  All the wedding hype in this season is so exciting, thanks to Donna, my love. I just wish Mike’s’ Grandma was there too.  Mr. Zane is a careful father, but I wonder why Rachel refused for Mike to sign the prenup, I hope she is not making a mistake.

Harvey Macht as 'Harvey Spencer' in 'Suits'

Harvey Macht as ‘Harvey Spencer’ in ‘Suits’

The season five finale left everyone on the edge of their seats. Finally, when Mike decided to do the right thing by quitting his job, cops are there to arrest him! What!? Still shocked and wondering what will happen now? I just hope it’s a dream, fingers crossed. You can watch all the previous and current episodes with a subscription to Charter Internet. Start now.