What to Know About HBO Go Before You Subscribe

HBO Go is a premium streaming subscription service offered by the HBO channel network which allows users to access HBO channel content, including movies and TV shows, on multiple devices and mobile devices.  In addition to shows and movies which air exclusively on HBO, the HBO Go service also offers some content that is not exclusive to the HBO channel, such as recent seasons of Game of Thrones and other popular shows.


HBO Go is just one of many different streaming services available to users today. If you are considering adding HBO Go to your streaming subscription line-up, consider the following things you should know about HBO Go before you make your decision.

You have to have a cable subscription to HBO Go

Many new users confuse HBO Go with HBO Now—but they are two different services. HBO Go is a service exclusively offered to people with a current cable subscription to the HBO channel; HBO Now is a separate service available to people who do not have a cable subscription and has some differences from the standard HBO Go service. In addition to a slightly different catalog, HBO Now is only available on laptops, desktops, and Apple productions—whereas HBO Go is available on just about any type of computer or mobile device, including Android, Kindle, and other brands.

You may have to wait to watch new shows

If you have a subscription to HBO’s regular cable service, you can watch new shows as soon as they appear on the regular HBO channel network. However, if you are using HBO Go, you may have to wait in order to watch new shows—the wait time could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and in some cases, a few days, although that exceptionally long wait time is rare. This is not a problem for most users, but it is something to keep in mind.

hbo-go-search-interfaceGame of Thrones isn’t the only show to watch

Many HBO Go users signed up so that they could watch Game of Thrones wherever they go using the HBO Go app, but Game of Thrones isn’t the only show appearing at the HBO Go rodeo! In addition to a catalog of rotating movies, HBO Go offers HBO original shows all the time without rotation. These shows include newer series like True Detective, Veep and the Wire in addition to older shows like Boardwalk Empire and the multiple award winning war drama, Band of Brothers.

There is no video streaming limit

hbo now interface

HBO now interface

HBO Go does not currently have a limit to how many family members can watch HBO Go at the same time; this means that everyone in your household can be connected to HBO Go and watch HBO content at once, assuming your internet connection can handle that amount of data at once. This is in direct contrast to HBO Now, available to non-cable subscribers, which has limits to how many videos can be playing at once.