The Top TV and Movie Streaming Services in 2016

Streaming services have changed the way people consume entertainment. You can owe this to both the advancements in technology and the changing schedules of people. There is no reason to keep a cable guide around anymore. Whether you want to watch a movie or you want to catch your favorite show, you can do all of that at your whim and fancy. Movie and TV streaming services have become such an important part of our daily lives today that terms like Netflix & Chill, binge watching, and the likes, are becoming a part of our lingo. 2016 is a going to be another successful year in the history of streaming services, as more cable subscribers cut cords and join the ever-growing consumer base. Here are some of the top contenders in the movie and TV Streaming niche that will snag you from a cable company.


youtube streaming

Everyone knows about YouTube. At least, everyone with an internet connection does. Now, owned by Google, YouTube is a great place to find any and every kind of video content (except for porn). With the increasing popularity of the media, the fame of the content creators on YouTube has also touched new heights. You can find some really cool channels on YouTube on the subject of your choice that post regular content for you to enjoy. There is no libraries for movies or television shows. In other words, it is not a great place for finding traditional television content.

If that is what you are looking for, then you can subscribe to YouTube Red. With this premium service, you can rent or even buy movies starting from less than a dollar to $19.99.


Netflix streaming

Of course, it is on the top and we all know why. Have you seen a Netflix page? It is so easy to navigate. Have you seen the options there? They are so many that it is almost impossible to make a choice. The movie collection, in particular, is amazing. At $9, this is really a bargain for what is on offer. Apart from its availability on virtually any device you can think of, the Netflix interface is also very intuitive. This makes the navigation really easy. There are a lot of television shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, among others that have premiered on Netflix exclusively. So, with Netflix, you do not only get to watch a variety of content, but high quality original shows as well.

Hulu Plus

Hulu streaming plus

This is another top player in the streaming wars. The service has been around since 2007, and was free to its subscribers in the beginning. Given that Hulu is a product of the combined efforts of Fox, Disney-ABC, and NBC Universal, there is no dearth of content on the platform. However, as the service has expanded its offerings, it has also introduced a premium service called Hulu Plus, with a subscription fee of $7.99.

If you are opting for a streaming service primarily for watching television shows, then Hulu Plus is all you need. There is none better. Though the movie library is nothing to brag about, the extensive collection of TV shows and the speed with which they are updated, makes it a really good choice for TV show fans.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

amazon prime instant video

This is another great platform for movies and TV shows, particularly because of its original and exclusive content. Thanks to the brand Amazon attached to it, Prime Instant Video has reserved its position as one of the top streaming services for the year. It has entered into deals with many content providers and have expanded its library to almost equal Netflix in a relatively short period of time.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available in both annual and monthly subscription packages. What is important to note is that while the yearly subscription will cost you $99 (or $8.25 per month), the monthly subscription costs a little higher at $10.99 per month. There is a 30-day free subscription for users to test the service as well.

Sling TV

Sling TV

One of the most recent entrants into the world of streaming is Sling TV. Introduced only in 2015, Sling TV offers its viewers a formidable combination. It promises live content streaming, just like a cable connection, with all the flexibility that online streaming offers. Not only this, it also has sports channels in its programming lineup. This is something that no other streaming service has been able to offer to its subscribers.

Sling TV is priced pretty high for a streaming service, with the monthly rental clocking in at $20. But if you look at it as a replacement for cable, then you have a pretty sweet deal where you get 200 channels in 18 languages at one-fourth the price. Moreover, you do not have to get into any kind of contracts or credit checks. There will be no installation charges either.

Since it is a new service, it is not that easy to avail on all devices. In fact, as of now, iOS devices, Xbox One, and a couple of others are the only few that are Sling TV compatible.

Playstation Vue

PlaystationVue streaming television

This brings us to the most expensive streaming service, offered by another industry giant, Sony. Yes, we are talking about Playstation Vue. This is the closest you can get to enjoying cable-like services without actually signing a contract. There are almost 90 channels that are broadcasted live on Playstation Vue. These include sports, weather, news, and even some local channels.

With Playstation Vue, Sony has also broken into the market for streaming services and consumers will have to shell out quite a lot for the brand. There are three packages on offer that are called Access, Core and Elite. The most basic package, Access, starts at $50. No question, Vue offers great programming options, but the price will definitely be a hurdle in Sony’s attempt to take on this market.

Another important factor to note is the limited access of Sony Playstation Vue. The service is not available nationally yet, and there are only a handful of cities like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc., where people can order the Vue services. 


Benefits of DISH Network Satellite TV

Great variety at great prices is a dream combination that satellite TV customers always crave for. By taking this into consideration, DISH offers numerous deals and offers which has made it a favorite satellite TV with consumers. From the latest technology to great customer care service, there are a lot of reasons for choosing DISH Network Satellite TV. Here are a few of them.

The Huge Selection

Dish cares

The high value Satellite TV packages from DISH Network, will satiate even the biggest of television fans. With more than 190 channels in the highly affordable basic package, there is no reason even to look at other services in the market. There is just no comparison. Then there is America’s Top 200, which offers an additional 85 channels in HD quality. On a little higher price range is the America’s Top 250. This is a dream package as it comes loaded with more than 250 channels of great television programming on offer. It is simply perfect. The vast variety and quality on offer from DISH is unbeatable.

Special Interests

There are people who like one kind of entertainment more than others and these special packages cater to such people. Instead of paying for channels that they are never going to watch, customers can also order special packages. For example, DISH Satellite TV offers an awesome selection of sports packages. They cover any and every sport imaginable. Not only this, there is also an option to pay-per-view, where customers can watch live matches of their choice, be it baseball, soccer, wrestling, or anything else.

The Best DVR

Dish supports 80 non-profits

Dish supports 80 non-profits

Hopper is already a crowd favorite. It is one of the best DVRs in the entertainment industry. With 2TB of storage on offer, customers can save every TV program they do not want to miss, without bothering about deleting previously recorded shows to make some space. It also allows the customer to stream music from Pandora and SiriusXM. No wonder Hopper has won many consumer electronic award shows too. Other than Hopper, DISH also offers another amazing product called Super Joey. This tool can save up to 8 channels in one go. This means that now the entire family can store their favorite shows and no one has to make any compromises. There is Wireless Joey on offer too, which makes even the installation of the super DVR a completely hassle-free experience. There is no unseemly wires or any holes required in the wall.

Television Anywhere, Anytime

DISH Anywhere App is a great feature that only DISH TV customers get to enjoy. With DISH Anywhere app, people can access all of their television entertainment from their Android or iOS mobile device. People can also access all the shows they have stored on their DVR as well. This provides great flexibility and convenience for people who work at odd hours. They do not have to miss any of their favorite shows anymore. They just have to log into DISH Anywhere app, and watch all the shows while waiting for the flights or during their daily office commute.

Suits TV Series Review

Men- with both killer looks and insane machine brains- are a perfect combination. They are also the reason behind the success of Suits. Harvey Specter & Mike Ross make it what it is; I can’t imagine the show without neither of them, and I’m pretty certain that it would be the same case with others that enjoy TV, in general. Not only these two maintain the rapport of suits, but also Harvard amongst other things. Recently I came across the show’s rating: 9.9 for the last episode at IDMB. This is higher than most US Shows!

Suits grabbed my attention initially through the brilliance of Mike Ross, who was just a college-dropout that made it to the office of Harvard’s one and only: Harvey specter, known to be the best attorney in the town. Through just meeting once, they both come together as the result of a drug-deal-turned-onto-interview type of scenario.

Suits 'Donna and the Button' Sarah Rafferty

Suits’ ‘Donna and the Button’ played by Sarah Rafferty

Let’s not forget about Donna! Even girls are drooling over her character. The classy looks, exquisite formals and the mind blowing wittiness, no wonder even Harvey is in her fan list (well that’s controversial.) I am just waiting for the day when Harvey admits his liking towards her, as boldly as she did. And how can I not mention her biggest fan-Louis Lit. I find him cute and funny, the empathies, the traditions and the emotions with the bouncing backs makes the gem of a character, little does he know that Donna is just a treat for a little time, oh! poor Louis (My sympathies.) Moreover, Jessica Pearson is also a great woman, really an inspiration, how she runs the firm is quite intriguing. She is definitely the savior of ‘Pearson Specter Ltd’.

Now, the love birds of the show: none other than Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, their chemistry just rocks everyone’s pants off. Rachel, who is the hottest young lady at the firm matches up perfectly with Mike. Thank god he proposed to her at the proper time, or without a doubt Harold Gunderson could have stolen the show, if you know what I mean.  All the wedding hype in this season is so exciting, thanks to Donna, my love. I just wish Mike’s’ Grandma was there too.  Mr. Zane is a careful father, but I wonder why Rachel refused for Mike to sign the prenup, I hope she is not making a mistake.

Harvey Macht as 'Harvey Spencer' in 'Suits'

Harvey Macht as ‘Harvey Spencer’ in ‘Suits’

The season five finale left everyone on the edge of their seats. Finally, when Mike decided to do the right thing by quitting his job, cops are there to arrest him! What!? Still shocked and wondering what will happen now? I just hope it’s a dream, fingers crossed. You can watch all the previous and current episodes with a subscription to Charter Internet. Start now.


What to Know About HBO Go Before You Subscribe

HBO Go is a premium streaming subscription service offered by the HBO channel network which allows users to access HBO channel content, including movies and TV shows, on multiple devices and mobile devices.  In addition to shows and movies which air exclusively on HBO, the HBO Go service also offers some content that is not exclusive to the HBO channel, such as recent seasons of Game of Thrones and other popular shows.


HBO Go is just one of many different streaming services available to users today. If you are considering adding HBO Go to your streaming subscription line-up, consider the following things you should know about HBO Go before you make your decision.

You have to have a cable subscription to HBO Go

Many new users confuse HBO Go with HBO Now—but they are two different services. HBO Go is a service exclusively offered to people with a current cable subscription to the HBO channel; HBO Now is a separate service available to people who do not have a cable subscription and has some differences from the standard HBO Go service. In addition to a slightly different catalog, HBO Now is only available on laptops, desktops, and Apple productions—whereas HBO Go is available on just about any type of computer or mobile device, including Android, Kindle, and other brands.

You may have to wait to watch new shows

If you have a subscription to HBO’s regular cable service, you can watch new shows as soon as they appear on the regular HBO channel network. However, if you are using HBO Go, you may have to wait in order to watch new shows—the wait time could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and in some cases, a few days, although that exceptionally long wait time is rare. This is not a problem for most users, but it is something to keep in mind.

hbo-go-search-interfaceGame of Thrones isn’t the only show to watch

Many HBO Go users signed up so that they could watch Game of Thrones wherever they go using the HBO Go app, but Game of Thrones isn’t the only show appearing at the HBO Go rodeo! In addition to a catalog of rotating movies, HBO Go offers HBO original shows all the time without rotation. These shows include newer series like True Detective, Veep and the Wire in addition to older shows like Boardwalk Empire and the multiple award winning war drama, Band of Brothers.

There is no video streaming limit

hbo now interface

HBO now interface

HBO Go does not currently have a limit to how many family members can watch HBO Go at the same time; this means that everyone in your household can be connected to HBO Go and watch HBO content at once, assuming your internet connection can handle that amount of data at once. This is in direct contrast to HBO Now, available to non-cable subscribers, which has limits to how many videos can be playing at once.

New TV Technology

TV technology has been improved immensely in the last ten years. The evolution of TV sets has been quite slow since the first models were invented, but has changed a lot since the flat HD screens started to come out. Now there are many available options for HDTV that include 3D and curved screens that provide an incredible panoramic view. In this article we are going to be talking about the latest advancements in technology for TV’s and what can be expected from this in the next few years.

OLED Technology: One of the biggest problems with a regular LED TV is that it cannot generate black. It can come up with a wide range of colors, but black is not one of them. OLED technology is going to be getting rid of that problem and it will provide a pitch black image when it’s required. This is something that will probably add to the cost of most models that provide the technology, but it will be worth the expense for the ultimate image quality.

quantum dotQuantum Dot Technology: There is another method for getting the widest range of colors and pitch black when needed and it’s called quantum dot technology. According to experts, the quantum dot system is going to provide an even better experience than OLED. The amount of extra cost that this will give to the models that implement this technology is still uncertain, but it will very likely be costly at least for the launch year and a couple of years after launch.

New resolutions: The industry seems to be moving towards the use of greater pixel resolutions and 3840 x 2160 seems to be looking like the next standard step for HDTV’s and it has been labelled as UHDTV. The greater the pixel resolutions, the more need for the TV system to use digital programming in order for the images to be smooth.

Internet streaming :The future of TV programming will be entirely internet based and this is something that will allow for a great number of new ideas to be brought to the table. The use of satellites and broadcast channels is probably going to be extinct sooner than expected.

New additions expected by the holidays in 2015: All major TV manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have been promising new technology for a while, but most of it has not been made available yet. Hopefully this is going to change soon and we will start to see some of this technology arriving with the models that come out for the holiday season in 2015.

4k technology is already available

4k technology is already available

There is always the chance that the latest technological trends might not catch the eye of the mainstream consumer and this would lead to the discontinuation of many new TV technologies. It has happened before with quite a few releases and current technology like 3D screens are still on shaky grounds as far as acceptance goes.

The point is that if you don’t want to invest a large sum of money on new technology to avoid the risk that it will fail to become popular enough, you might want to wait a year or two before you invest, but that will depend entirely on your needs and your budget.

TV technology is constantly evolving now and it would not be surprising if some kind of hologram type of technology will be made available in the next few years, but for now, we should be on the lookout for very innovative screen designs that will soon be created on a full 360 screen display for the ultimate virtual experience.

3d led 43 inch

3d led 43 inch Sony Television

The Essential Tips For Visiting Times Square


Times Square in New York City is arguably the city’s most popular tourist destination; Times Square is centrally located in the entertainment district and includes many different sites, sounds and attractions for locals and visitors alike. But because Times Square is so popular, it can often be crowded and difficult to navigate. If you are preparing to visit Times Square anytime soon, consider the following essential tips for making the most out of your Times Square visit.

Tip: Consider getting discount theater tickets

Theater is one of New York City’s biggest attractions, but attending shows on Broadway can be expensive, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. However, you can often save big bucks—we’re talking hundreds of dollars—if you consider the options for discount theater tickets. Most major Broadway shows have alternative means of getting tickets that save you big money; these means are usually a ticket lottery and a ticket rush.


A ticket lottery involves showing up at the theater during the designated lottery time to put your name in a big drum—each show will have a certain number of extra tickets allotted for the lottery, and the lucky people whose names are pulled get to purchase tickets at a vastly discounted price.  A rush ticket is purchased on the same day of the performance; most theaters release a certain amount of discounted rush tickets each day.

Tip: Don’t stop on the sidewalk!

times square advertising

Times Square is incredibly busy, and incredibly crowded. It’s important to keep the flow of traffic going as uninterrupted as possible—that means no sudden stopping on the sidewalk, whether it’s because you see something interesting, took a wrong turn, or want to take a picture. Instead of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, walk as close as you can to the front of a building and stop there.

Tip: Consider leaving the Square for shopping

Unless you specifically want to visit the large and expensive stores that populate Times Square, consider stepping off the Square to do your gift shopping. You can also find more inexpensive restaurants if you leave the bustle of the Square.


Tip: Think outside the theater

There’s so much more to do in the Square than see Broadway shows! The Square is home to various shops, including a large Toys R’ Us, as well as museums—including the family friendly Madame Tussaud Wax Museum and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium. If you live in New York City, or plan on moving there, check out the other great entertainment opportunities in NYC.

aladdin on broadway

5 Surprising Facts about Liam Neeson’s Schindler’s List


Liam Neeson’s role in Schindler’s List is often considered Neeson’s finest due to his complex, charismatic and ultimately moving portrayal of Oskar Schindler. How much do you know about the film and Neeson’s role? Let’s take a look at 5 surprising facts Neeson’s role and the film Schindler’s List. Spielberg did not accept a salary for the film Although Spielberg insisted that his actors receive their own wages, the director refused to be paid for his work on the film. Spielberg was quoted as saying that he would consider it “blood money” to be paid for producing what he considered a necessary work. Spielberg instead insisted that any wages and future royalties be given to the Shoah Foundation as a donation; the director also refuses to sign any material related to the movie.


Spielberg based the liquidation scene on real-life testimony One of the film’s most iconic sequences, in which Neeson’s character watches as the Krakow ghetto is brutally “liquidated” was originally just a short page of action in the script. Spielberg, however, extended the scene into 20 pages (and about 20 minutes) by basing the sequence on the testimony of those who survived. Neeson didn’t think he would get the role Liam Neeson originally auditioned for the role of Schindler several months before the casting was announced. Neeson didn’t think he would get the part, and decided to accept a role in the Broadway revival of Anna Christie instead. After one show, Steven Spielberg and his wife dropped by Neeson’s dressing room; one week later, Spielberg called Neeson and offered him the part. Oskar Schindler was not arrested for kissing a Jewish girl In the film, Schindler is arrested for kissing a Jewish girl at his birthday party. However, in reality, Schindler was not arrested for this incident; he was arrested, on the other hand, for being involved in various black markets. Itzhak Stern was not the ‘sole’ Schindler accountant In the film, Itzhak Stern is depicted as Schindler’s sole Jewish accountant who helps him put together “the list.” In reality, however, Schindler had multiple accountants (mostly Jewish) who worked together on the list; many survivors note that the accountant who did most of the work was not considered scrupulous, and would often accept bribes in order to place people on the list, which would often cause other names to be removed. Keep up with Liam Neeson here.

Liam on jimmy kimmel live

Liam on Jimmy Kimmel live

Everything You Need to Know About Milo from ‘The Mask’


The Mask is one of Jim Carrey’s most popular comedy films, and was one of the most popular wacky comedy films from the 90s. One of the main characters from the film, and subsequent sequels and spin-offs, is that of Milo the dog. Milo is the pet companion of Jim Carrey’s character, Stanley Ipkiss, and has appeared in almost every ‘Mask’ film and spin-off. Whether you’re a longtime favorite of the film or are reading up on famous movie dogs, the following is everything you need to know about Milo from The Mask.

The dog actor led to a lot of ad-libbing

Max, the dog actor who played Milo the dog, had never acted in a film before and his occasional inability to do exactly what was asked led to several moments of ad-libbing in the film. Scenes which made the final cut included a scene where Milo would not let go of the frisbee while Stanley Ipkiss tried to hide the stolen money in his closet; in the scripted scene, Milo was supposed to let go of the Frisbee.

Milo is a Jack Russell Terrier—but it wasn’t always going to be that way

Some of the original concepts and early drafts for The Mask described Milo as being a much larger dog (one script described Milo as a golden retriever). However, the film’s creative team decided that Stanley Ipkiss would probably be the type of person to have a smaller, almost wiry dog and the decision was made to redesign the character as a Jack Russell Terrier.

milo pissing
Milo was voiced by Frank Welker in the cartoon

After the success of the film, an animated series titled The Mask: The Animated Series was released. Milo the dog appears frequently in the TV show. His voice was provided by Frank Welker, who has voiced many other dog characters, including Scooby-Doo, Droopy the Dog, Santa’s Little Helper; he has also voiced non-dog animals, such as Abu in Aladdin and Garfield the cat in several Garfield cartoons.

There is a sly reference to Milo in The Son of the Mask

The Son of the Mask featured all new characters, but just like the original film, the main character had a pet dog. In the sequel film, the dog is called “Otis”—a sly reference to the first film’s Milo, via a nod to the popular film Milo and Otis.



The Many Lives of the Twilight Zone

twilightzoneWhen most people think of The Twilight Zone  their mind goes right to that iconic image of Rod Serling, offering up his twilight-themed pearls of wisdom in a black and white tinted showcase… There have actually been multiple “revivals” of the show, all of which attempted to capture something of the original while offering up their own unique offerings to viewers. How do each of these The Twilight Zone series compare? Let’s find out!

The Twilight Zone (1959 – 1964)

the twilight zone special features

The original series was created at a time when many subjects were considered to be off-limits for television–especially for anything considered to be serious, such as primetime dramas. But The Twilight Zone, which was more or less dismissed as science-fiction/fantasy, tackled numerous taboo and controversial subjects, such as mass hysteria, nuclear war, an increasing reliance on technology—just to name a few.

The Twilight Zone (1985-1987)twilightzone2

The first Twilight Zone revival (produced by CBS) relied heavily on adapting existing short stories which lay in the realm of “typical” science-fiction rather than stories with frequent contemporary parallels. In addition to these new scripts, several episodes of the new series were direct remakes of previous Twilight Zone episodes, like Shadow Play and Night of the Meek.

The show’s first season featured episodes which were separated into two 12-15 minute stories which were aired back to back as whole episodes. The show’s second season extended the episode time to an hour, while the third season went back to a half-hour format.

Most episodes were received with a lukewarm reception, but some stand-outs (such as “Dream Me a Life”) did receive critical acclaim.

Ttwilightzone3he Twilight Zone (2002-2003)

This second revival was produced by in 2002 but was cancel after one season due to low ratings. The second modern revival, like the original series, focused much more on contemporary issues such as racism, terrorism, female sexuality, and even more abstract concepts like greed and technology-reliance. There were also a handful of remade versions of original Twilight Zone episodes, such as an update to “The Monsters Are on Maple Street,” which replaces the “alien hysteria” with “terrorist” hysteria.

Some noteworthy episodes include It’s Still a Good Life, a sequel to the original It’s a Good Life; One Night at Mercy, an introspective episode starring Death himself; and Sanctuary, a modern “Adam and Eve” parallel that leaves viewers wondering: “What if?”  Check out these other awesome options for home entertainment right now.


The A-Team

If there was ever a show that followed a formula until it wore it down into infinity, it was The A-Team.  I liked the show for a long time but once you sit down and watch episode after episode, it’s like, really?  This is happening again?  We did this last episode.  Yeah, it’s fun and all but can we grow a little bit, can we become a little wiser or different or more mature?


I suppose a show like The A-Team, where a former crack commando team wrongly accused of a crime go on the run and help people in need, appeals to the stupid young man in all of us.  This is not a show that appeals to women.  Not at all.  You’ve got four men, all former military, working together to fight crime and save the innocent, all the while shooting up anything that moves and winking at hot girls, many of which just happen to be the victims they are saving.

mr t fool!

mr t fool!

Yeah, a lot of macho guy stuff going on here.  Which is great for a while.  I love seeing Murdoch, the crazy tech guy, arguing with B.A. Baracus, played with reckless energy by Mr. T, who is the team’s mechanic and muscle.  Faceman was the guy that could go undercover, swindle the ladies into anything, and also drive a pretty wicked corvette.

They were led by Colonel Hannibal Smith, played by the character actor George Peppard.  They all worked well together and had strange character traits.  Murdock was crazy and lived in a military insane asylum and much of the early plots revolved around the rest of the guys busting him out so they go do their thing.  And B. A. was deathly afraid of flying.a-team-murdock

But you can only do this so much.  Each episode begins to get repetitive after forty or so missions.  It was a one trick pony.  You know they are going bust Murdock out, B. A. will refused to get on the plane but they drug him, they will build something to defeat the bad guys, usually having to do with their van, etc.  It’s fun for while at least.

the a team tv spot